Vintage Mason Jar Feeder #2026


Mason jar bird feeder with a blue 32 oz. “Ball” mason jar, large glass plate top, metal chick feeder, small glass plate bottom. Glued together with construction adhesive. Materials: glass mason jar, large glass plate, metal chick feeder, small glass plate, metal hook, metal bolt construction adhesive.

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Mason jar birdfeeders are a practical and unique way to feed your feathered friends. These jars are vintage memories of an era when canning your own food was economical and important. We have sourced many of these jars through farm auctions. The varieties are “Ball”, “Kerr”, and “Atlas”. Most are in the vintage blue color. Each jar has a unique look from the beautiful glass dish or plate that is the roof. All have an easy to clean chick feeder that screws off to distribute seed. Some have a unique glass plate bottom. We either drill the glass or glue the glass with construction adhesive for sturdy construction. A carabiner clip is provided for easy on off to your hook.  Easy to fill, easy to clean, a beautiful addition to your garden.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 in

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