Full size 80 by 90 inches. 6 inch squares in the colors of beige, red, maroon, blue, green. Many colors, many designs. Materials: fleece, thread.

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In the sewing world leftover fabric at the end of a bolt is called a remnant. These pieces of fabric are usually sold in one-yard rolls. Most people overlook these pieces because of their small size. I take these pieces, cut them into squares and make them into crazy fun scrap quilts. They are made with soft durable fleece and are totally machine washable and dry. I’ve had some of my quilts for years. These quilts are perfect for a chilly night by the fire, over the top of a bed to cuddle, for your four-legged friend, over the lap for wheelchair bound, or throw in the back of the car for a picnic. Since they are made from remnants, I never know quite how the quilt will look. Each one is totally unique. I make two sizes: 50 inches by 60 inches which fits a toddler bed, for a lap quilt for a wheelchair, or your four-legged friend or 80 inches by 90 inches which fits the top of a full bed.

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