A lovely vintage birdfeeder with sturdy construction. I have drilled it using a nut and bolt and hanger and glued it using an all-weather, waterproof adhesive. This feeder has a repurposed cake stand with a hook that you can hang on a hook where you please. Although this feeder has a matching cup and saucer with a Christmas theme it looked to me like a woodland theme. I decided to top it off with a jeweled green plate for a roof and a black hanger. I think that this could be used in the summer because it felt like a woodland theme. All in all a totally cute birdfeeder.

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Each feeder is one-of-a-kind totally unique. We reuse vintage and new materials. Because of years of use there may be dings or chips but this does not affect the use. A lovely way to feed your feathered friends. Very easy to fill and clean using dish soap and water. Although this feeder is made with weather resistant materials, I do recommend bringing it indoors in the winter. This a beautiful upcycled feeder for you to enjoy.

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acrylic gems, ceramic coffee cup, ceramic saucer, construction adhesive, metal cake stand

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