This turtle is a 5 ½ inch candy dish painted pink and green.It has a spoon for a head and tail, gems for feet and eyes, and  a bottle with a cap to display.

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Each turtle is made with an Anchor Hocking dish with the distinctive markings of star of David, stars and arches, stars and bars, or various floral designs. Each dish has functioned as a small chip dish, appetizer tray, candy dish or hors d’oeuvre server. These lovely vintage dishes were generally made between 1924-1965. Each turtle is hand painted and cured reminiscent of Tiffany style. All are glued with weather resistant and water repellant glue. Even though they are weather resistant I recommend putting inside for winter. Some have bottles with caps for hanging while others have brackets for display. Spoons are used for head and feet. Acrylic gems or sea glass are used for feet.

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