Green Swirl

This teapot is a green swirled pot that was used for heating up tea. It is screwed to a black base. Wired large green jewels are on the front for easy cleaning.

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Who lets their birds nest in a teapot? We do! We have seen so many lovely teapots in thrift, auction, and garage sales that we said, “Let’s upcycle these wonderful mementos of a day gone by”. You may not do tea parties, but your feathered friends will love the new use. Cleanable, practical, whimsical, fun, unique describes our birdhouses. Made from old canisters and teapots these birdhouses are cleanable and easily sanitized. We drill air holes in them so the chicks can breathe. A wooden holed front that is either wired or screwed for easy cleaning access. A wooden disc plugs the tea spout so chicks don’t slip out. A jewel plugs the outside of the tea spout so bugs don’t get in. The holes are drilled for a specific type of bird to keep larger birds out. These holes are drilled for smaller birds, chickadees, house finches and other small friends. These birds eat millions of insects a year keeping your yard naturally pest free. Some of our teapots hang by their handles with a wire while others hang on shelves that are wired for hanging on your fence, tree, or house. They are drilled and screwed, glued with a weather resistant waterproof construction adhesive. The shelves are painted with weather resistant paint and the fronts are sprayed with a weather resistant sealer.

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Dimensions 7 × 8 × 11 in

acrylic jewels, construction adhesive, paint, screws, vintage teapot, wire

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