Lilies of the Field

A metal cross frame with all weather deco mesh in the petal style in the colors of purple, pink, light blue, white. In the middle is a 4 inch plate with the saying “Consider the lilies of the field, hoe they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin”.  In the middle there are silk flowers. This wreath has zip ties and wire for sturdy construction. There is construction adhesive to secure the plate with two hooks. There is a plastic back to prevent scratching. Approximately 32 by 22 by 5 inches.

Mabel’s’ Sunny Retreat

This wreath is made from all-weather deco mesh done in the colors of pink, red, blue, purple, rose gold. It is done in the petal style.  It is on a 14-inch metal frame with sturdy construction of zip ties and wire. It is done in the petal style with a lovely pink ribbon. The decorative plate in the middle is by Mary Ann Lasher for Bradford Exchange. It is the Warm Country Moments series and is titled “Mabel’s Sunny Retreat”. It is approximately 24 by 24 by 6 inches. It has a plastic back to prevent scratching.